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New Client Work – River Valley Moving Company



Presenting our latest work –

Interesting company with great offers.  If you want to buy a piano or couch on craigslist or from a newspaper ad and don’t know how you will be able to move it, you can just call River Valley!  Simple.

Go to BJs and buy that mattress.  River Valley Moving will meet you at the store and help you get it home.

In addition they do moves — whether it’s an appliance or your whole apartment, they’ll take care of it.  Another cool thing is if you need to move that couch downstairs or upstairs, they’ll do that too and for a reasonable price!

And a really cool thing is that if you are moving, you don’t have to hire a moving company.  You can instead, rent a uhaul truck and hire River Valley Moving to be the manpower.  Savings should be huge.  They’ll give you a free estimate and tell you what size truck you need.