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Maui & Vermont Heavens


We just finished designing “heavens” – and


Thinking about a vacation?  They are offering two extremes, but similar in the getting-away-ness and quietness that each place offers.  The Vermont home is beautiful, sleeps 8 people and you’re right at the edge of the lake.  If you go in summer, you can enjoy boating.  If you go in fall, there is no foliage more beautiful than in the north.  If you are a winter person, there’s skiing very close by.  And Spring?  What time is more pleasant than spring when nature is waking up  all of the plant life.


In their Maui condo, you are right on the beach enjoying the peace and the quiet of the ocean.  What can be more like heaven?




Both places are beautiful and I want to go to each one!




Website Viruses



We’ve dealt with a number of sites that somehow acquired viruses.  It’s a big mystery as to how someone gets access to your files on a server.  But, they do find ways.

The viruses usually redirect people’s web browsers to other sites.  This means, they don’t stay or can’t stay on yours!  There are some that can infect visitors’ computers, but most of them just redirect.  It’s like a spider is sitting on your website and building webs that send people to other places.
We’ve helped several people get rid of their wordpress website viruses this year. If your website gets attacked and hacked, reach out to us to see if we can help you!



New Website – State Pardon



We just finished another new website for the Connecticut Pardon TeamState Pardon Info is a comprehensive site that provides pardon information for all fifty states.  They are a nonprofit organization that helps former offenders who have turned their lives around to be able to live with the dignity of freedom from a record of a past offense.

The wonderful thing about their service is they want to talk with the purchaser to make sure they can help guide them through the process before they pay for anything.  In this world of anonymity, where any one can put up a website with a payment button and take people’s money, their approach is one that is highly respectful.  They insist on a human to human conversation before any money changes hands.

So, if you know someone who would like to wipe the slate clean and have a fresh start, is the place to go!


One of our goals at Get Your is to provide our clients with an education so they can independently manage, maintain and update their own websites. We provide the training.  We’re proud of the Connecticut Pardon Team because we provided them with training and they are now independently maintaining the sites that we created for them.  Way to go team!


Finishing the Touches for Connecticut Pardon



This group was such a pleasure to work with – – – and we love their cause.  They help people gain pardons for previous legal offenses.  We all have the right to be forgiven for past transgressions if we are on a path of positivity.  Great work team!





We are in the process of constructing their site.  There are a few more tweaks and nudges that we need to make, but we wanted to show you just in case you want to watch.  Or – if you know a good person who would like to obtain a pardon and get a clean slate, they can visit the site and get more information.





Facebook is NOT Your Website!

So many people tell me that they use Facebook as their website.  Then I tell them that it is a mistake to use Facebook as the only window to your world.

First of all, Facebook is a business and its goal is to make money. They are more interested in people paying for advertisements and “boosted posts,” than anything else.  Second, there is an algorithm applied to accounts to control how many people your posts are shown to.  So – not everyone will see what you want them to see unless they frequently visit your actual page.

There is also a question as to who actually owns your content on facebook – you or them?  Try this.  Delete your profile for a month, three months, a year even.  Then go back and reactivate your profile.  Poof! Everything you ever did, said or uploaded magically returns.  Your information is never deleted.

Excerpted from:  an article posted on

“What the terms of service say

With over a billion users, Facebook is the definitive homepage for many web users. Its terms of service, data use and cookie use policy span more than 14,000 words over eight separate pages and would take even the quickest reader more than two hours to dig through. But what rights have you handed over to Facebook?

Specifically for photos and video uploaded to the site, Facebook has a license to use your content in any way it sees fit, with a license that goes beyond merely covering the operation of the service in its current form. Facebook can transfer or sub-license its rights over a user’s content to another company or organisation if needed. Facebook’s license does not end upon the deactivation or deletion of a user’s account, content is only released from this license once all other users that have interacted with the content have also broken their ties with it (for example, a photo or video shared or tagged with a group of friends).”

Enough said.

– When you put up your own website, you control and own all of your content.  (That’s not to say that people cannot grab your text and pictures and reuse them, but you do have the rights to your original content.) 

– You control everything that your visitors see.  (There is no “stream” of information that will distract them and pull them off into other areas not related to you.)

– You can engage and freely interact with your visitors or fans when they visit.

Facebook should be used as a supplement to your site.  By all means, have a facebook page that you use to interact with people and to grow your fan base.  Every website should have profiles on a variety of social networks connected to it.  When people click “like” on your facebook profile link on your website, they are added to your facebook fan base and at the same time, the link to your website is posted on their facebook page.  The same is true of the other social networks.  People can tweet your site, pin your site, instagram your site, etc.  These are great sources of free advertisement and definitely should be used.  But, facebook absolutely should NOT be the main source of your information — or your “website.”

People come to your website because there is something that you offer – whether words or products – that they are interested in.   So, pull them in!

We are happy to help you get started in creating your own world – interactive vehicle – on the internet.  Contact us!


New Client Work – River Valley Moving Company



Presenting our latest work –

Interesting company with great offers.  If you want to buy a piano or couch on craigslist or from a newspaper ad and don’t know how you will be able to move it, you can just call River Valley!  Simple.

Go to BJs and buy that mattress.  River Valley Moving will meet you at the store and help you get it home.

In addition they do moves — whether it’s an appliance or your whole apartment, they’ll take care of it.  Another cool thing is if you need to move that couch downstairs or upstairs, they’ll do that too and for a reasonable price!

And a really cool thing is that if you are moving, you don’t have to hire a moving company.  You can instead, rent a uhaul truck and hire River Valley Moving to be the manpower.  Savings should be huge.  They’ll give you a free estimate and tell you what size truck you need.


Get Your Own Personalized Email



Get Your Own Personalized Email

With, you can get your own personalized email.  Why be someone-anonymous@gmail, @yahoo, @cox, @snet, @hotmail, @etc, when you can be

A personalized email address helps people to easily remember how to contact you!  You can be OR you can be,  Get the difference?  It’s a smart difference!

Go to now, purchase your own personal domain name and email.  It’s that simple!  Be a trendsetter!  Do it now!


Get With The Addis Revolution




We were approached by the artist Addis who wanted a website that was inviting, engaging and where he could sell his music directly to his fans.  We were happy to oblige him.  Check out


What is your revolution about?  We can help you express it!

Go Global

If you have a physical store, or offer services, or if you have products to sell – maybe you do craft fairs, why not bring it to the next level?  Go global and establish yourself on the internet with a sharp looking website!

Allow yourself to access the billions of potential customers available worldwide.  Put up a site and start marketing yourself.  Get Your offers easy store building websites if you have products that you want to bring to market.  Set yourself up with a site that has the potential to build up residual income for yourself.  Or, allow yourself to become more known in your general area of business.

If you build a website, your potential and existing customers can quickly find you on-line.  They can buy your products or even find more about what you do.  What are you waiting for?  The world is waiting!

Everybody’s Using WordPress

WordPress is incredibly easy to use.  This user friendly content management system is used to create websites and blogs.  Get Your offers 1-click install for WordPress.  You log into your panel, click install WordPress, fill in the name of your blog/website, set up your login information and click!  It’s as easy as that!

The system will send you an email when your blog is ready.  It only takes a few moments – a little as fifteen minutes – and you are ready to go.

Click the link in the email and open up your new WordPress installation and start building.  If you need help with building your site, just do a search on the internet for WordPress how to’s and many links will be available to follow that give you the ins and outs of creating your site.

We make it easy for you to build a website!