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New Website – State Pardon



We just finished another new website for the Connecticut Pardon TeamState Pardon Info is a comprehensive site that provides pardon information for all fifty states.  They are a nonprofit organization that helps former offenders who have turned their lives around to be able to live with the dignity of freedom from a record of a past offense.

The wonderful thing about their service is they want to talk with the purchaser to make sure they can help guide them through the process before they pay for anything.  In this world of anonymity, where any one can put up a website with a payment button and take people’s money, their approach is one that is highly respectful.  They insist on a human to human conversation before any money changes hands.

So, if you know someone who would like to wipe the slate clean and have a fresh start, is the place to go!


One of our goals at Get Your is to provide our clients with an education so they can independently manage, maintain and update their own websites. We provide the training.  We’re proud of the Connecticut Pardon Team because we provided them with training and they are now independently maintaining the sites that we created for them.  Way to go team!